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We can help with many hair loss issues in three easy steps 

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We offer holistic sustainable treatments and products to help combat many of todays hair loss problems 
I felt emotional, anxious and worried. Hair was coming out in the shower and when drying my hair. Purdey gave me La Biosthetique's Lotion hydrotoxa to use twice a day it's a really good product that i highly recommend. I felt happy when my hair started to coming back in, it also felt in better condition and a little thicker.
Amy Fraser
I can honestly say hair loss was the worst experience of my life. I was scared to wash it, as my hair was coming out in handfuls, brushing it was scary. Purdey analysed my scalp under a microscopic camera then I was given shampoo, scalp treatments and vitamin viles to be applied directly onto my scalp. When my hair started growing back it was the best feeling ever. I was so lucky to have such a fantastic hair salon to go to. Damian an Euan took such good care of me.
Audrey Young
I was pretty devastated when my hair started to break and thin. My problem was not just hair loss it was also breakage, internal split ends and poor condition. PURDEY where very quick to diagnose the cause of my problems. A professional investigation and diagnoses were carried out and a treatment plan put in place. I was delighted when I started to see my hair improve in both thickness and quality. Even my husband who was quite a sceptic was impressed with my new head of hair.  
Aileen Osbourne
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