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Shampooing Lipokérine E
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Lipokérine E shampoo provides extremely mild and particularly gentle cleansing of sensitive scalps, as well as shine and softness.

Size: 250ml

  • Fatty acid condensate with oat protein amino acids: gently cleanse and fortifies stressed hair
  • Frankincense: helps tame sensitive scalps
  • Physiologically active panthenol: nourishing
  • Guar bean polysaccharide: improves the hair’s combability and softness
  • Sugar surfactant: mild and gentle cleansing
How to use

Brush hair out and moisten with warm water. Distribute approx. 7-10 ml of Shampooing Lipokérine E along the parting of the scalp and lightly massage in to the scalp. Lather up the hair again with water and then rinse. If necessary, can be performed a second time.

Extra Info


It itches, feels tight and burns: sensitive scalps can be extremely unpleasant. Extra gentle, extra soothing, extra conditioning – a shampoo for sensitive scalps couldn’t be any kinder. Shampooing Lipokérine E provides valuable conditioning and fortifies sensitive scalps and stressed hair as soon as you begin washing. Fine plant lipo amino acids nourish the hair. High-quality frankincense extracts and active panthenol create beautiful, healthy hair. The desired scalp sensation is instantly achieved. Shampooing Lipokérine E revitalises hair with body and bounce.

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